Feria Americana.


This post is dedicated to all those people who can dress well without spending a fortune. Ever heard of an American fair? Here in Argentina are very common because people sell vintage clothing and accessories at a great price. For example, the silk shirt you can see in the photos cost 3 dollars. The accesories are also vintage but I didn't buy them , they belonged to my grandma. In some other post I 'll show other great staff I bought in an american fair fron nothing.

Este post esta dedicado a todas esas personas que pueden vestirse muy bien sin gastar una fortuna. Alguna vez escucharon hablar de una feria americana? Aca en Argentina son muy comunes porque la gente vende ropa y accesorios vintage a muy buen precio. Por ej , la camisa de seda que pueden ver en las fotos costo 3 dolares. Los accesorios tambien son vintage pero no los compre , pertenecieron a mi abuela. En otro posteo les voy a mostrar mas cosas geniales que compre en feria americana por casi nada de dinero.



Porque es que solo creemos las cosas negativas que la gente dice sobre nosotros? 
Porque nos cuesta tanto creer en nosotros mismos? 
Siempre pendientes del afuera , ignorando que el interior es lo mas importante.
Todas sabemos del autoestima , es algo que tarde o temprano nos atormenta. Lo peor de todo es que es algo tan superficial , creado por los demas para hacernos sentir mal, para creer que tienen poder sobre nosotras.
Pero les digo algo , algun día se van a dar cuenta de esa superficialidad y van a notar todo el tiempo que perdieron llorando , o escondiendose por temor a no poder ser ustedes mismas.
Es medio un cliché e incluso yo estoy cansada de escuchar estas frases armadas , pero es importante ser uno mismo sin importar lo que los otros puedan pensar . Lo mas importante es lo que esta adentro porque de por si ya somos todas hermosas. 

Why is it that we only believe the negative things people say about us?
Why is so hard to believe in ourselves?
Always aware of the outside, ignoring the inside wich is the most important.
We all know the self-esteem!  Is something that haunts us sooner or later. So allow me to tell you that the worst of all, is that self-esteem is something  superficial, created for others to make us feel bad, to believe they have power over us.
But I'll tell you something else, some day you will notice that superficiality and will realice all the time you wasted crying or hiding for fear of not being able to be yourselves.
It's  a cliché and even I'm tired of hearing these phrases, but it is important to be yourself no matter what others may think. The most important thing is what's inside because in the outsied we are all beautiful.



I was watching some pictures of last year because I am very nostalgic and I remembered exactly one year ago I was enyoing the beach of Capri , one of the most beautiful places I've ever been into. Capri is an italian Island where people is so nice and beautiful. I had a great time last year in Europe , in some other post I'll show you more pictures of the places I knew!

Party all night long!


Last night was a really crazy night. We went out with my frieds to this amazing club and had a great time! It was really nice because it was a long time since we were going to dance together.
I know it's hard to see it but the t-shirt I was wearing was made for me :) 
Hope you like it!

New look: vintage!


New look! I hope you like it. It is kine of inspire in yesterday's illustration. I f you have lookbook and you liked the look

ILLUSTRATION : First date , dressed to impress


Like I promissed I am back with a lot to show you. This is a new Illustration I did and while I was doing it I though is the perfect outfit for a first day. I says I am cool but simple at the same time.
So I make you a question! 
How would it be your perfect look for a first date?

XOXO Donna.-

Passion for fashion.


So I know I've been a little bit dissapeared lately. But I am back with some news.
The first thing I have to tell you is I left college , I was studing history of art and I realised I needed to develope this passion for fashion I have. That's why I'll be starting fashion's next year . I am really happy because is what I always wanted to do but I was really scared .
And the second new is I'll try to start my new brand , so you would be able to see some things soon. I'll be selling my clothe in my city , but you would help and tell me if you like.
So what do you think? If you have a passion for something , do you have to work hard for it? or just go for the safe and easy  and maybe not do what you love?



I know I've been a little bit desapeared , I am working on something I will let you know as soon as possible! 
So to leave you something beautiful that teach us that everything is possible ,today I discovered this little artist.
Her name is Aelita Andre , she is 5 years old and the youngest artist on selling her work. She is from Australia and last Tuesday inaugurated  its second solo exhibition at the New York city.

What do you think? Isn't this great? 
xoxo Donna.-





Today I leave you pictures of the first dress I ever made. I was like 15 years old and my grandma helped me. Sometimes I wonder when did all this fashion passion started. I just know I love it !



My last Illustration some of you told me you prefered the original wich the real colour is red. So I decided to make this one in red , this one is my creation , but I really like it because is like from a fairytale <3

MAY 2012




Ok today I leave you quite an old look because I am posting from bed with the flue , so there is nothing else I can do . Anyway this top was designed and made by me some time ago and is one of my favortite t-shirts, the colour is really original and the all outfit match together perfectly.
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